About us

Hindu Canadians from across Canada have made significant contributions across all fields : Science, Education, Medicine, Law ,Politics, Business, Culture and Sports. Majority Hindu community personals were of the view that there should be some Hindu association who should act like a link association among all major Hindu organizations including Hindu Temples.

To accomplish this task,Mr Rakesh Joshi and Mr Madhusudan Lama took the initiative and established a new Hindu organization named as Canadian HinduAssociation(CHA) and was federally registered on 28th Sep 2016.The basic purpose of CHA is to bring closer all Hindu organizations to have one common voice and understanding of all matters related to Hindu Heritage and Hindu culture in North America and keeping the individual identity of each organization as usual.

Canadian Hindu Association is a Non- Profit Organization promoting the Hindu Culture and traditions.

The Aims and Objectives of Canadian Hindu Association are:

  • Create awareness in the young generations about Hindu traditions.
  • To spread the message of Peace, Tolerance and equality across north America.
  • Promote Hindi language, Culture, Traditions and Literature in the society.
  • Conduct classes, Seminars, Symposia and lecture tours on Hinduism.
  • Arrange workshops, programmes, sports, art, music hobbies and recreation for the benefits of general public and promoting Hindu Values and traditions.
  • To act as a link association among all major Hindu Organizations.